The Youth Group has a long-standing history at Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church as an organization that is committed to facilitating fellowship among the junior high and high school students affiliated with our church. Through a combination of regular meetings, recreational activities, Christian education, and community service, our Youth Group has remained a prominent association of Holy Trinity for more than a century

In 1908, the first remnant of a coordinated youth organization burgeoned at Holy Trinity. Attendees of the Armenian Language School and members of the Young Ladies Legion and the Holy Trinity Boy Scouts, came together to unofficially establish an organization named Holy Trinity Christian Youth. This organization functioned under this name for two decades.

Holy Trinity Christian Youth was reestablished in 1928 as the Young Legion. Although the organization operated under the same fundamental premise as it did before 1928, many of its members believed that with the growing numbers within the group as well as its unconfirmed status at Holy Trinity, the Young Legion seemed like a more appropriate name for this organization.

In the 1930s, many Armenian-Americans began to combat social discrimination in the Fresno area through various organizations (e.g. the Armenian-American Citizens’ League, est. 1931). The youth within this area also began to hold their own social and political interests. With the establishment of the Armenian Youth Federation, Fresno Chapter, in 1934, many of the Young Legion members began to jointly participate in both organizations because of a perceived need for solidarity among young Armenians.

It was not until 1956 that the Young Legion became an official organization at Holy Trinity, and was shortly thereafter renamed the Holy Trinity Youth Group to attest to its formal recognition as an association of the church. More than fifty years later, it became formal recognition as an association of the church. The primary objective of the Holy Trinity Youth Group is to facilitate the spiritual and social development of our church youth by working together, as an organization, to serve our church and extended community, participate in recreational activities, and retain a sense of camaraderie among the youth at Holy Trinity.

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