The Ladies’ Auxilliary was organized in 1914, the year the new church was built. This supporting membership of 68 young ladies was dedicated to the church in all areas — visiting the ill and shut-ins, and was the only major fundraiser for many years. They taught the Armenian language classes on Saturdays to all age students. These pioneer members had a significant role in the church Christian life. In later years, these senior members were responsible for preparation and serving memorial (hokejosh) luncheons.

The Trinity Guild was formed in 1949 with the goal of improving the Sunday School attendance.

The Holy Trinity Ladies’ Guild was formed in 2011 as a result of combining the Ladies’ Auxilary and Trinity Guild. The purpose and objectives of the Ladies’ Guild is to promote and perpetuate the Armenian Apostolic faith and to encourage all members of the church and its community to join and participate in church activities. The Ladies’ Guild offers financial support to the church and its affiliated groups and promotes the social, educational, and spiritual well being of church members.

The fundraisers evolved into the Annual Bazaar. Yearly service activities include working for the lunch delivery in the spring, hosting a joint dinner meeting with the Men’s Society, participating in the April 24th commemoration as well as baking and cooking throughout the year to prepare for the Annual Grape Blessing and Bazaar.

Membership is open to anyone who is 18 years of age or older and a dues-paying member of Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church. Ladies’ Guild membership dues are $25 a year. Monthly meetings are on the first Tuesday of each month, with no meetings held in July and August. April through October are dinner meetings and November through March are lunch meetings.