History of Sunday School

Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church Sunday School opening dates to the early 1900’s. Classes in Armenian language and religion were held on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoons.

In the 1920’s Sunday school classes were held in the basement of the church. In 1930, a Christmas tree was planted by the Sunday school in the church courtyard and stood tall until it became diseased in the 1990s and finally was cut down in 2012. In the 1930’s Hayr Soorp Kasimian from Jerusalem organized a group of church women, the Daughters of the Armenian Apostolic Church. In addition to helping the church, they taught Sunday school classes.

During the war years, there was no formal Sunday school. All the education came from the readings in our church Liturgy. After the war, the Sunday school program for the children was reestablished.

In 1949, the Trinity Guild was formed to assist the Sunday school. Classes continued to be held in the open-space church basement, in Der Hayr’s house, and in the church itself.

In 1959, the new Social Hall was built. Sunday school classes were added to the hall. In 1964 the basement was remodeled into individual classrooms.

In 1978, a Parent Faculty Club was established as a support group. Sunday school classes continue today with an enrollment of approximately 150 students.

Present Day Sunday School

The Sunday school offers a child-friendly environment with a Christian-based and Biblical-centered curriculum, along with lessons pertaining to the traditions, hymns, seasons, and symbolism of the Armenian Church. The Sunday school program traditionally runs from September through May and offers classes for all grade levels, including an adult Bible study class. Sunday school begins each Sunday in the school’s multi-purpose assembly room at 10:30 am with live, contemporary Christian songs and Armenian hymns followed by graded lessons in individual classrooms in the Kesana Setrakian Sunday School building and concludes at approximately noon.

The students of Holy Trinity Sunday School have the opportunity to participate in many fun and meaningful outreach programs during the school year. Some of the outreach projects students have participated in the past include visiting the California Armenian Home for the Aged, Craycroft Shelter, which is a temporary center for children awaiting placement with a foster family, and the Poverello House, a homeless shelter. Additionally, there are fund drive projects where students collect needed supplies and/or money to assist with very worthy causes such as Operation Christmas Child, which is an international shoebox project developed by the Billy Graham Foundation and monetary donations to assist the Orran Orphanage in Armenia.

Here are some of the major events that traditionally take place during the school year:

  • Communion in Church (5 times during the year)
  • Living Nativity Scene
  • Pre-lenten Carnival
  • Palm Sunday Egg Hunt and Pancake Breakfast
  • Mystery Trip for Superlative Attendance

Parents are encouraged to register their child(ren) prior to the start of the school year so that adequate curriculum and supplies can be procured. New students are welcome to register at anytime.