Our church facilities include our main sanctuary built in 1914. The first part of the church is called the narthex. It is customary to pick up candles by making a small donation for them, making the sign of the cross as you enter the church, and lighting the candle in one of the four candle trays available, two in the back of the church and two in the front of the church.

The Sanctuary

In the sanctuary, the faithful are seated in the pews available for them. Only the priest, deacons, and altar servers may go up onto the altar, while choir members may be in the area just below the altar.

Large Social Hall

The large social hall has a capacity of 450 persons. Many church events are held in the large social hall and the adjoining small hall.

Small Hall

The small hall has a capacity of 100 persons. It is completely renovated to meet the growing needs of our parish. The hall is equipped with the latest communication technologies.

Professional Grade Kitchen

The church maintains a state of the art kitchen. It is used quite frequently by our organizations for various events and parties.

Kesana Setrakian Sunday School Building

The 2-story Sunday school building opened January of 2001. The building consists of an administrative office, an assembly room, 12 classrooms, and a muti-pupose use recreation room.

Multi-purpose Recreation Room-Gymnasium / Indoor Sports Court

The multi-purpose recreation room is used for basketball practices and games, youth group and Sunday school assemblies, and other recreational activities and is part of the Kesana Setrakian Sunday School Building.


In 2002, the administrative offices moved into the social hall and have been remodeled to accommodate our growing staff. The offices include an office for the pastor, administrator, and assistant secretary.

Youth Center

The newly renovated basement area of the Church is the new home of the Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church Youth Group called the HYE’D OUT and the Adult Group called the Holy T Ministries.