Holy Trinity Annual Food Bazaar

The Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church Trinity Guild’s first serious effort to raise funds was called an International Festival with food and game booths set up under the big tree in the courtyard. The $600 profit from that event opened the eyes of the Trustees. This carnival type event evolved into the bazaar that the Ladies’ Guild hosts each year!

The Bazaar, with it’s many variations has been the most consistant form of fundraising for the Ladies’ Guild. From it’s beginnings in booths beneath the big tree in the courtyard it has transformed many times. For a while it was a three day affair, later it was shortened to two days. Finally, the succumbed to a one day event with a lot of action going on!

That doesn’t mean that the Guild works only that one day…It takes months of preparation and cooking to get ready for that one day Bazaar and the dedicated members of the Ladies’ Guild work hard to make it a wonderful success each year!