Annual Grape Blessing and Food Festival

One of the holy celebrations of the Armenian Apostolic Church is the Blessing of the Grapes which takes place every year in August following the celebration of the Divine Liturgy of the Feast of the Assumption of the Holy Mother of God.

Rich in tradition and emphasis of the importance of Virgin Mary, the tradition of the Annual Grape Blessing began during the Old Testament times when farming was the primary way of life.

Grapes were placed on a high honor as they were the first crop of harvest in a farming year. The tradition teaches us that Mary was considered to have a high honor as well, because without her, the Holy Spirit of God would not take the human form of Jesus Christ.

Each year, the Grape Blessing festival is hosted by the Holy Trinity Armenia Apostolic Church Men’s Society. The festival typically takes place at the California Armenian Home. However, in 2016, the Annual Grape Blessing was held at the Fresno Fairgrounds due to construction at the California Armenian Home. Keep an eye out for more information regards the upcoming Blessing of the Grapes Festival!