The Holy Trinity Christian Education Committee was established in 1985 under the auspices of the late Archbishop Datev Sarkissian, Prelate of the Western Prelacy of the Armenian Church in America.

The mission of the Holy Trinity Christian Education Committee was assigned to assist in the initiation, promotion, nurturing and guidance of Christian instruction as well as ethnic awareness of the parish. They aim to assist in teaching and explaining our Christian faith written in Scripture, experienced in the Liturgies and spoken of in the traditions. The Christian Education Committee assists in encouraging participation and understanding of the sacred Liturgies of the church especially the Holy Badarak (Divine Liturgie) and Holy Sacraments as well as the Hours of Prayer and the Feastal and Fast days and weeks of the Armenian Liturgical year.

The Holy Trinity Christian Education Committee also engages in the following activities:

1. To continue to reach out in “In English” “To those who no longer speak or understand the Armenian language.” (1917, English Language, Saint Nerses Shnorhali’s “In Faith I confess,” Theodoros Isaac, Lic D, of All Saviors Cathedral, Nor Julfa, Isphahan, Persia and Holy Nazaret and School Church, Calcutta India and Holy Trinity Church, Fresno, California. “The highly appreciable service, first to our church then especially to those who speak English,” (1931, Word of Blessing, Bishop KH. Karekin of Trebizond, Armenian Prelacy of California, #524/132.

2. To present “In English” basic Armenian Church beliefs and practices for the meaning and the purpose of life in union with the Mystery that is God-The Father, The Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

3. Create resources to grow in the fullness of the Gospel life of faith, knowledge and grace and to deepen the experience of celebrating the ancient Armenian Liturgies of Heaven and Eternity.

4. Interchurch families.

5. The Christian Education Committee may implement the following activities to accomplish its purposes:

  • Provide earphones in the church sanctuary to explain the Liturgy to English-speaking parishioners..
  • Maintain video equipment in the sanctuary and provide live presentation in the Bridal Room.
  • Establish and hold bible studies.
  • Provide other church bible studies with Armenian-based church lectionary resources.
  • Manage and understand “Our Faith Classes.”
  • Organize lectures and lead retreats.
  • Provide scholarships to Sunday school and for youth retreats.

New members are encouraged and welcomed.